When it comes to travel planning and the means of travel, we’ve come really far (get the pun?), but what lies before us is a whole new world of technologically assisted travel that looks nothing like what we experience today.

As sad as we feel that Concords, once claimed as the future of commercial flight have now been decommissioned and none of us will feel the sonic boom while the air hostess brings us water, there are some really awesome things coming to the world of travel in the near future.

Let’s break it down.




Flights have evolved to become the most efficient and preferred means of travel for not just international but domestic destinations as well. The competition in the industry has brought the prices down and made it affordable for most while the technology took care of real time bookings and ensuring safety. Flying today is a smooth experience baring a few turbulences (get it?). But nothing is perfect, and everything can be made better.


Commercial aviation might have made things easier for you but the real question is: Is it better than having your own set of wings?

Pan Jiazhi, Zhu Wenxi and Lai Zexin, a trio of design students from China have successfully designed a a solar-powered flying car that they’ve oh-so-rightly named ‘YEE’ (we think that name needs an exclamation point). The YEE(!)doesn’t need a runway to take-off and it can literally be parked in your driveway or a big enough back yard. But YEE is still in its early stage and will take some time to hit the roads and/or skies.

However, if you’ve got deep pockets and not enough patience to wait for the YEE to become a reality, check out the Transition® Roadable Aircraft. Created by the American company Terrafugia, this nimble plane will set you back by about US$200,000, but it will let you take off from your driveway while your neighbors sip their morning coffee over a rush of envy.





With the way tech has evolved in the last decade, most of the middle-men and agencies have been put out of business through automation. Ticket booking and hotel reservations, currency conversion, and even cab hailing can now be done through apps on our handy mobile phones. Imagine meeting a friend who’s come to town in the 90’s, you meet him at his hotel he asks you in a surprised tone – “You have a chauffeur driven car now?” and you reply “Uber, bro. And why don’t you just, like, Airbnb instead of booking expensive hotels?” with a smug face. He would have a clueless expression.


Automation is already in our world and it is about to slap every industry with it’s mighty, automated, labour-cost-cutting hand. Many restaurants in Tokyo and China and even some McDonald’s in the USA are today, completely automated. Soon, every hotel you go to, every cab you hail, you will be welcomed in by a touch screen panel and an optimally polite electronic voice. We’re just waiting for A.I to get to a point where we could assign our virtual copies our tasks for a week, automate our work and go travel!





In a world of fluctuating prices and competitive deals, it takes us a good month long to plan our trip. The ones looking to save every penny have to get an even earlier start, watching and scrolling through the prices and listings on like 40 websites before picking a flight or booking a hotel room. Once booked, we spend the rest of our time budgeting and planning the itinerary so we make the most of the time we spend at the destination. Google did us the goodwill of providing suggestions nearby but how good is that when you already have your own plan that you spent months making?


As AI takes over our travel planning responsibilities, in the near future, all we need to do is let the system know of our preferences and it will suggest the best tickets at your preferred price, the best hotels based on your preferences and itinerary and the best locations to visit based on your previous selections. The AI systems will become more than our tour guides by not just showing the places around, booking things for us and helping us navigate, but the system will also learn with your experiences to make the next trip you plan, that much better.

Okay, we lied! This is already here and we call it myTripAmigo. It is still in its beta stage but all the features will kick in soon. Be a part of this next evolutionary step in travel! Try myTripAmigo and give us your feedback!!

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Image sources: freepik.com, pixabay.com




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